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LOST PEAKS: Episode 2.2: That Darn Ring

Well, this was a pain in the ass to get posted. I finished it and got it all up on Rotten Tomatoes on Wednesday, and then when I went to Rotten Tomatoes to post the link to my LJ, the site was all like, "No Katie, we don't like you anymore." I couldn't get the damn link to work until today.

So here it is, a little late.

Title: That Darn Ring
Fandom: LOST/Twin Peaks
Pairings: Charlie/Claire, some Kate/Coop. Coop/Jack and Sawyer/Sayid subtext. Shannon/Boone foreshadowing. Though, I'm suspecting you won't see it yet. Things are going to get really messed up.
Summary: Coop tells everyone about his dream. Michael brings Ana Lucia back to the caves, and everyone mistakes her for a dude. Shannon finds something oddly familiar about the new castaway. Jack tries to put the moves on Kate by checking her for a concussion. A search party is organized to look for Walt and Claire’s baby.
Disclaimers: All Twin Peaks related material belongs to the god that walks the earth, David Lynch. LOST stuff belongs to JJ Abrams and all those cool dudes.

Episode Here:
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