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Skate Fic!

Title: Under the Shower
Author: Dani sirius_starr
Characters: Sawyer, Kate
Pairing: Kate/Sawyer
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC17 for sexual content
Warnings: Shower sex. Always a lovely event. xD
Spoilers: Spoilers for the hatch (i.e. Season 2)
Disclaimer: LOST belongs to genius JJ Abrams, not me.
Summary: Kate finds something that distracts her enough to walk in on showering Sawyer..
Author's Notes: I love this story... its one of the first LOST smut pieces I did and I like it xD
Beta: Jules saturnine_tears
Feedback: Is like love; the more the better and you can never have too much. Please love me give me feedback!!!

Sawyer sighed in pleasure as the hot water hit his shoulders, engulfing his naked form in comforting warmth. He couldn't count how many weeks it had been since he'd had a shower. That moment was a small slice of Heaven. He stood still for several moments, letting the water run over his shoulders, down his back and chest, over his more delicate parts, down his legs and pooled around his feet before it swirled down the drain. He soaped up a washcloth and began to wash away the dirt and grime of the last few months that bathing in the ocean couldn’t remove. He shivered as the suds slipped down his body, unaccustomed to using soap after so long without it, as disgusting as he thought that sounded. He smiled at the feeling of the heated water sliding over his tanned skin, slipping fluidly all down his body as the soap made his skin glisten.

In the main section of the hatch, Kate was rooting around in drawers, trying to find something to amuse herself. She was on shift with Claire for the next 6 hours for the button, but Claire preferred to sit in the room with the computer. She said she liked punching in the numbers. So Kate was free to amuse herself. If she could find something to do. She'd already played her favourite records in the collection to death, and didn't feel like trying something new. So she dug through the drawers. She didn't find much. A heavy duty flashlight and some smaller ones plus a drawer full of batteries. Drawer after drawer of paperwork. She found one drawer that interested her; a drawer of CDs. But it didn't make sense to her; the only musical player was the record player. Shrugging, she moved on, into the bedroom area and looked around the drawers in there. She found very common bedroom items in the bedside table; a watch, Kleenex, a book. Just as she was about to close the drawer she noticed something at the back of it.

"Score!" she said out loud, pulling out the Kleenex box and tossing it aside. She pulled out a worn, beaten up Discman and examined it. It looked to be in working order. She hurried back to the drawer of CDs, picked one and slid it in. She put the earphones on and hit the play button, nearly squealing in excitement as it started to play. Grinning, she danced around the room to that song before deciding to go have a shower and then come back and flop on the bed. She loved having a shift with Claire; she never had to do anything.

"I'm going to have a shower!" Kate yelled into the room, the music on the headphones cranked up. Claire looked up from where she sat at the computer.

"I think Sawyer's in there!" the Australian called back. Kate didn't hear her, with the music so loud, and sauntered off in the direction of the shower room, humming along to the music. She paused by the door to a linen closet and pulled out a giant bath sheet towel. She flung it over her shoulder and continued down the hallway, a bounce in her step as the song changed to a dance song. She of course didn't hear the shower running as she approached the door, and only when she had pulled it open and stepped in did she realize what she was seeing. A shocked half-scream, half-gasp escaped her, alerting Sawyer to her presence. He turned around to see her in the door way, a petrified look on her face as she stared at his naked form. A grin snaked over his face as she dropped her eyes to the ground and peeled off the headphones she was wearing.

"Sawyer-- I.. I-" she stammered, trying to apologize as she took off the headphones and put the player and towel down on the small counter. "I'll leave now, I'm really--" she gasped as she felt his hand close around her wrist and pull her forwards. She looked up at him, into his eyes. "What!?"

"Come and join me, Freckles!" he said playfully, pulling her forward.

"What?! No!" She protested, pulling her arm out of his wet grip. She turned away and started to head for the door but suddenly felt him pressed up against her from behind, felt the warm water soak from his body into her clothes. "Sawyer! I'll let you have your shower now.." she said, trying to walk away. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back, to which she protested with a shriek. "No! Sawyer! Let go!!" she squirmed, but seconds later he'd pulled her, screaming, into the flow of water and she felt it drench her hair and work its way down her body, soaking her clothes. Kate spluttered as he held her under the shower until she was completely drenched, her clothes clinging to her, the warm water running down her body in rivulets, her hair plastered to her neck and face. He let her go, grinning as she stepped away from the spray and pushed her hair out of her face, panting as the water dripped off of her.

"I'd say that's fair punishment for you walking in on me!" He told her, laughing at the disgruntled look on her face. She looked around, still not letting herself look at him, not fully, and spotted a few bottles of shampoo and liquid body wash.

"Oh yeah?" she said, grabbing a bottle of Head and Shoulders. "Take this!" She popped open the full bottle and squeezed it hard, sending a thick stream of blue shampoo at him. It hit him in the side of the head and flowed over his shoulders and down his chest and back, rippling over his muscles. She laughed and tried to run but he grabbed her around the waist from behind and pulled her back. She shrieked when she felt a chilly, slimy substance running over her hair and down her neck and realized he'd squirted shampoo on her as well, half the bottle by the feel of the amount of slimy stuff moving down her neck and back. He began working it into her hair and she giggled at the feeling of the millions of suds slipping over her clothed body. Since the amount of shampoo in her hair far exceeded what her hair actually needed, the suds began to over flow and ran down her face, tickling her skin as they engulfed her neck and shoulders. She fought him off, laughing, and stood underneath the spray, rinsing out some of the suds.

He watched her with twinkling eyes, watching how the shampoo suds ran from her hair and down her clothed back, over the derriere of her pants and down her legs, swirling around her bare feet. He longed to touch her, feel her, kiss her, and the desire was rising with every beat of his heart. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and put his hands on her hips, spinning her on the spot.

She gasped as he turned her around suddenly, the spray pounding down on her shoulders from behind as she blinked water out of her eyes and looked up at him. He leaned in without warning and began to kiss her, pulling her close, his arms wrapped tightly around her. Her surprise wore off quickly and she found herself kissing him back, her passion equal to his as she wrapped her arms around his ribs, her hands roaming over his back, his skin made slippery by her shampoo attack.

Sawyer decided after a while that it was time to even the score and began peeling off her shirt. She let him, and he pulled the sopping fabric away from her skin, pausing their embrace only for a second as he pulled the garment over her head. They frantically returned to each other's lips, as though they would die if they were separated for more than a split second. Sawyer's hands found the clasp of her bra blindly and fiddled with it until it came undone. He pulled the garment off of her and threw it aside with her shirt, pulling her as close to him as possible. Both of their hearts lurched as their bare chests pressed up against each other, their tongues tangoing more ferverently from the close touch of the skin.

The water pounding against Kate's bare skin was starting to hurt and so she turned them around, standing Sawyer under the spray as her upper back and shoulders tingled from the water pressure. Water droplets sprinkled her face as they bounced off of his shoulders, tickling her skin and making her eyes shine brighter. Sawyer pulled her into another kiss and took a step backwards into the flow of water, letting it cascade down over his head and over hers. They kissed as the water poured relentlessly over them, feeling strange sensations of lust and something that was new, something that only the water could give them. Sawyer began to work his way down her body; he slipped from her mouth and began kissing her neck roughly, the water flowing over her head. He moved down her chest, over her breasts, over her stomach. She moaned as he massaged her abdomen firmly with his hands, her breath quickening. She felt him undo the button on her jeans and looked down, the water slipping down the back of her head so she could see. He was pressed up against her, still kissing her firm, tanned stomach, his hands massaging her as he pulled down the zipper. She tried to help him pull off her jeans but slipped, falling backwards to the shower floor with an alarmed yelp. Sawyer's face showed concern until she laughed, embarrassed by her fall, and he continued pulling off her pants, the movement made so much easier now that she was lying down. He easily slipped them off, pulled off her underwear and had crawled on top of her before she could move. He kissed her deeply, his hand tangled in her hair, holding her head on the ground as the shower pounded into his back from above, splashing her as they embraced.

As if by silent agreement they shifted their position and Sawyer slipped into her, causing her to gasp throatily. He began a rhythmic movement, sending intense shocks through her body as they grasped each other. Kate moaned in ecstasy, his name tumbling off her lips in blind passion. She sought his tongue and they kissed deeply as he moved in her, both of them breathing heavier as the moments continued. Kate gave a strangled cry of mingled passion and pain as he brought her to her climax and he began to ease off, still kissing her deeply as he slowed his rhythm. They were both breathing heavily when he slipped out her, feeling spent but still attached to each other, still kissing. Sawyer slowly rose, pulling her with him, a large red blotch on his back where the water had pounded down.

Sawyer found the washcloth he'd abandoned earlier and soaped it up again. He ran it over her shoulders, and she smiled at him as he worked gently, a great change from moments earlier. He worked the lather into her skin, and she shivered as he rubbed down her chest and stomach.

"Turn around, Freckles." he entreated, his voice still husky from the passion. She obeyed willingly and he laughed when he saw the skin of her back.

"What!?" she asked, slightly alarmed. She felt him running his hands down her back, over her bare skin, over the skin of her rear end.

"Look down at the floor, Freckles, tell me what you see." he told her. She frowned and looked down.

"Checkered tiles...?" she deadpanned, wondering what on earth he was talking about.

"Exactly. You look like you were lying on a waffle iron!" he chuckled, running a finger along the checkerboard pattern that stretched from her shoulders to just above her thighs. She resisted the urge to smack her forehead and turned around, smacking him instead.

"What'd you go and do that for?" she teased, giggling as he pulled her into a kiss, the water pouring over them once more. Kate suddenly pulled away, looking alert and alarmed. Sawyer looked down at her with a puzzled look.


"Shh!" Kate shushed him, listening hard. "Turn off the shower!!" she told him frantically. Sawyer turned the knob and it was suddenly silent in the room except for the drops of water dripping off of them and off of the faucet. After a moment of silence however, Kate heard a female voice calling her.

"Who is--" Sawyer began to ask.

"Its Claire." Kate replied, hurrying to grab her towel. Sawyer grabbed his own and they hurriedly dried each other off, enjoying the rushed sensation but wishing they could do it slowly. "My clothes!" said Kate, realizing too late that they lay in a sodden heap on the floor. She grabbed them and held them against her as she gave Sawyer a quick kiss. "Wait till I lure her away, then you can go." Sawyer nodded and looked longingly after her as she ran from the room.

"Kate? Why are your clothes all wet?" Claire asked a moment later as Kate nearly ran into her in the hallway, wrapped in her giant towel.

"I put them on the shelf and they fell off and into the water." Kate tried her best to look annoyed, trying to fend off any guilty tones and the exhaustion she was feeling after her encounter with the Southern man. Claire shrugged, accepting her excuse easily.

"Why were you gone so long? Was someone in there already?"

"What? Oh, no, I just... got distracted before I went in." said Kate, thinking fast. It was true to a point, after all. "So, what time is it?" Kate asked conversationally, urging Claire on down the hallway towards the dryer to dry her clothes.

Sawyer peeked out of the shower room just as the two women turned the corner down the hallway. He slipped out and exited the hatch, a smug grin on his face as he made his way to his tent to have a nap.

A few minutes later, after Kate had deposited her clothes in the dryer, still wrapped in her towel, Claire followed her into the kitchen. That was when the woman noticed the checkered design on the back of Kate's shoulders. Claire frowned, wondering what it was, thinking that it looked like her skin had been pressed into something.

"Kate, what's--" Claire suddenly had a revelation as Kate turned around, and the other woman noticed that she looked quite tired, yet extremely satisfied.

"What?" Kate asked, popping a cracker into her mouth that she'd pulled from a cupboard. A small smile crept over Claire's face.


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